//5 Luxurious Rugs You Will Fall in Love with

5 Luxurious Rugs You Will Fall in Love with

A rug is equivalent to art on the floor. They speak of luxury, elegance, comfort and so much more. The area right rug ties all the elements of a room together and makes it look cohesive. Historically, some of the most luxurious handmade carpets and rugs were available only in Turkey and Persia. Thankfully, today, that same opulence and finish are available much closer to you.

The MIMI Homes flagship store in Indiranagar has a beautiful collection of handmade, hand-tufted rugs that balance the old and the new perfectly. These rugs boast of great attention to detail and intricate craftsmanship blended with abstract designs to suit modern homes. The rugs are crafted from a blend of wool, bamboo silk, viscose and cotton against a wool backing that gives them a long life.

The Rug for a Bohemian Home: Keys


Do you like playing with colours in your décor? If yes, the Keys rug is ideal for your living room. This area rug has a grey base with a multi-coloured repeat pattern. Soft shades of coral and pink have been balanced beautifully with cooler shades of blue and green to create this vibrant rug.


An Avant-garde Rug for a Modern Home: Sky


Push the boundaries of modern design with this abstract, area rug. If you’re following a blue colour scheme or have a neutral colour palette and you want to add a pop of colour, this is the perfect rug for you. The sky rug juxtaposes shades of blue and beige to create a work of art that is cool and pleasing to the eye.


A Rug that Becomes the Life of the Party: Africa


Never listen to people who tell you to limit yourself especially when it comes to adding colour to your life and décor. Africa is an abstract rug with shades of red, beige, blue and brown all harmoniously tied together. The rug is so vivacious that it can literally make a room come alive. Finding your living room a little too formal – you know what you need.


The rug that Turns Up the Heat: Rusty


Unlike art that hangs on the wall, rugs serve a functional purpose as well. They can make a room look cosier and even feel warmer than the cold tiled floor. When it comes to rugs that exude warmth, nothing compares to the Rusty. As the name suggests, it features shades of rust against a beige background in an abstract, modern pattern that will complement all décor styles.


The Rug that Lets You Walk in the Sky: Fireworks

The Fireworks rug captures that moment when a burst of colour from rockets and anars lights up the sky. With its rich red and yellow shades, this rug will give a room a celebratory, festive air throughout the year. Woven with Bamboo Silk the rug has a lovely sheen that makes a statement in style by day and night.

These carpets are all one-of-a-kind and for that reason, there’s only a limited stock available. Think about it for too long and it’ll be sold out. So, come to the store and let the MIMI stylists help you pick the rug that’s right for your home.

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