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Fabulous Fabric Sofas only at MIMI Homes

If there’s one piece of furniture your living room cannot do without, it’s a sofa. A sofa is the anchor of every living room. As with other types of furniture, the sofa has evolved with time. The 50s were ruled by long sofas with a low profile. In the 90s, sofas were thought of as comfy couches typically upholstered in leather. While leather is still a popular choice in terms of upholstery, today, more and more people are choosing fabric sofas over leather sofas. And why not- fabric sofas exude a much warmer look while maintaining a level of formality. [...]

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5 Luxurious Rugs You Will Fall in Love with

A rug is equivalent to art on the floor. They speak of luxury, elegance, comfort and so much more. The area right rug ties all the elements of a room together and makes it look cohesive. Historically, some of the most luxurious handmade carpets and rugs were available only in Turkey and Persia. Thankfully, today, that same opulence and finish are available much closer to you. The MIMI Homes flagship store in Indiranagar has a beautiful collection of handmade, hand-tufted rugs that balance the old and the new perfectly. These rugs boast of great attention to detail and intricate [...]

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