Fabulous Fabric Sofas only at MIMI Homes

//Fabulous Fabric Sofas only at MIMI Homes

Fabulous Fabric Sofas only at MIMI Homes

If there’s one piece of furniture your living room cannot do without, it’s a sofa. A sofa is the anchor of every living room. As with other types of furniture, the sofa has evolved with time. The 50s were ruled by long sofas with a low profile. In the 90s, sofas were thought of as comfy couches typically upholstered in leather. While leather is still a popular choice in terms of upholstery, today, more and more people are choosing fabric sofas over leather sofas. And why not- fabric sofas exude a much warmer look while maintaining a level of formality. They are also much more comfortable – especially for Indian summers.

Luxurious linens that are easy to maintain

Linen is the perfect material for Indian summers. Cool and crisp, this fabric is ideally suited to tailored sofas for formal living rooms. The Brian and the Ania sofas are two of MIMI homes most popular linen sofa designs. Brian suits both classic and contemporary décor styles while Ania has a strong, modern presence. These sofas are easy to maintain and can be wiped with a damp cloth for day-to-day maintenance.


Indulge in Irish Linen

While linen is cool, Irish linen has a softer, wool-like feel. You’ll realize what we’re talking about when you run your hand over the Ashley sofa. It’s the perfect balance of crisp tailoring and soft textures. The sofa’s  channel tufting and metallic polished legs make it look refined yet relaxed. This is the ideal sofa for a large villa or a penthouse that hosts lively weekend soirees.

Jewel-toned velours that exude luxury

There’s nothing like velour for a look that exudes luxury and opulence. From the look of the fabric to its tactile feel, a velour upholstered sofa is elegant and classy. MIMI Home’s Smokehouse sofa is a great example of a velour upholstered sofa. Its tufted design takes inspiration from the classic Chesterfield silhouette and gives it a modern look. Meticulously detailed, this sofa can be placed against a wall or made to stand in the centre of a room.

Neutral tweeds that complement all décor styles

Tweed is a reliable and durable upholstery fabric. Understated and elegant, neutral tweed upholstery on a sofa can complement all décor styles and make a room feel warm and cosy. The Aaron sofa is upholstered in a smart beige tweed with a black thread weave. This is a handsome, modern sofa that’s well suited to everyday use as well as special occasions.

Herringbone for a Modern Touch

Herringbone upholstery fabric has a strikingly modern appeal. The alternating twill weave is showcased beautifully on the Brad sofa. With a deep seat and plush cushioning, the Brad sofa is the perfect

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