Queen sized mattressDT -PPT33 DESCANSA High quality knitted fabric,1000# polyester wadding,3.5cm convoluted foam,1cm foam,non-woven fabrics,5cm high rebound foam,non-woven fabrics,700g black pad,23cm 3Zone pocket spring unit, 700g black pad,non-woven fabrics,1cm foam,white knitted fabric 150*200*33cm

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Queen sized mattress DESCANSA High quality knitted fabric, 1000# polyester wadding, 3.5cm convoluted foam, 1cm foam, non-woven fabrics, 5cm high rebound foam, non-woven fabrics, 700g black pad, 23cm 3Zone pocket spring unit, 700g black pad, non-woven fabrics, 1cm foam, white knitted fabric 150*200*33cm

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